Established 1955


School profile

St. Mary’s Ukrainian School in London is the largest Ukrainian Saturday community school in the UK, with 195 children on the register. The School is running a waiting list as some of our classes are extremely popular.

Academically, the school is split into Primary school (Reception to Year 5) and Senior School (Years 6-10). We also run two USL (Ukrainian as Second Language) classes – for junior and senior groups. In total, we currently teach 13 class cohorts.

 We cater for children from 5 years old up to 16. During their school life, the pupils will start in Reception class and graduate from Year 10. At the end of Year 9, students sit a Geography of Ukraine exam and on the completion of Year 10 they sit three graduation exams in:

  • Ukrainian language
  • Ukrainian literature
  • History of Ukraine

They also prepare two research papers - in Ukrainian literature and in History of Ukraine.

On successful completion of their studies, our students are awarded with a Certificate from the Association of Ukrainian Teachers and Educators in UK, stamped by the Ukrainian Catholic University.

All aspects of pupils’ well-being are a priority to us, therefore we make sure that the 27 members of volunteering staff, including the Senior Leadership Team, teaching team, administration and assistants, take their duties seriously and help our students to reach their full potential.

We are very proud that recently the school IT resources have been significantly improved so we can facilitate the teaching process using the interactive smart-boards installed in every classroom. School life at St. Mary’s is always vibrant and full of activities, such as art workshops, cooking workshops, kozak games days, Book day, Mother’s day, art and poetry competitions, writing competitions, music concerts, photo exhibitions, movie premiere days, movie and popcorn days, various assemblies to commemorate famous Ukrainian writers, poets and events, talks with famous and successful Ukrainians, charity events, commemoration services.