Established 1955


School curriculum

At St. Mary’s Ukrainian School in London we believe that all children have the potential to grow and that it is the responsibility of the School to ensure that each child reaches their full potential.

There is nothing impossible if you continue exploring the world, challenging your skills and working hard!

This can only happen if students are highly motivated, engaged and challenged by the inspirational lessons tailored to meet their individual needs. In order to drive engagement and academic excellence for each child, the lessons at our School are:

  • well planned and sensitive to pupils’ starting level and individual needs
  • are clearly related to previous learning and link well to other areas of learning
  • are stimulating, inspiring and provide sufficient challenge for every child
  • foster the right behaviour and attitude towards learning
  • are effectively assessed.

To maintain high standards of teaching, teachers undergo a lesson observation every year. The outcomes of such observations help the pupils to celebrate their successes and for the School Leadership team to identify further needs and goals for improvement. 

Leaders of the school keep staff up-to-date with the new educational resources and approaches and improve the standards through continuous professional development. 

The curriculum we use at St. Mary’s Ukrainian School was developed by the Association of Ukrainian Teachers and Educators in the UK, however our staff and Editorial committee adapt it to the needs and targets of our School. 

St. Mary’s Ukrainian school offers a unique opportunity for the children of Ukrainian heritage to learn the Ukrainian language, deepen their knowledge of the country of their cultural roots, grow pride for their ethnic background and to feel part of and contribute to the life of our Ukrainian community in London. The above-mentioned aspects are the cornerstones when delivering the curriculum to our pupils.

It is currently a huge issue for all the diaspora schools around the world to find teaching resources appropriate for our pupils, most of whom speak Ukrainian as their second language.

The School recognised this a few years ago and started developing our own study books. Besides this, we continue researching the Ukrainian study resource market and use Ukrainian study books, workbooks and presentations, relying on our staff to adapt those to the needs of our cohorts.

Primary School

For Reception and Year 1 the curriculum covers:

Alphabet, basics of phonics, handwriting practice, basic vocabulary build-up (related to talking about myself, school routine, seasons, fruit, vegetables, family etc.) and encouraging children to hold simple conversations, description of their drawings, learning short poems by heart.

Year 2 to Year 4 

are following the Primary School curriculum focused on the weekly coverage of the following subjects: Reading, Writing, Speaking skills, Music; all aimed to develop the basic skills in reading, writing, speaking in Ukrainian and being able to comprehend an age-related text, hold a simple conversation on every-day life topics and write a paragraph in full sentences on the topic discussed in class. Children are also introduced to the basic grammar rules needed to build a quality grammatically correct sentence involving the vocabulary learnt. (Exceptions to the rules are taught in Senior school.)

Note: the discussion topics may vary each year depending on the class needs.

Senior School

Years 5-6: weekly coverage of Ukrainian language, Ukrainian literature, Speaking skills and Music/Drama skills.

Years 7-8: weekly coverage of Ukrainian language, Ukrainian literature, History of Ukraine and Speaking Skills.

Years 9-10: weekly coverage of Ukrainian language, Ukrainian literature, History of Ukraine and Geography of Ukraine.

At the end of Year 9, students sit a Geography of Ukraine exam and upon the completion of Year 10 they sit three graduation exams in:

  • Ukrainian language,
  • Ukrainian literature,
  • History of Ukraine.

In addition, they put together two research papers - in Ukrainian literature and in History of Ukraine.

On successful completion of their studies, our students are awarded with a Certificate from the Association of Ukrainian Teachers and Educators in UK, stamped by the Ukrainian Catholic University.