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* 12.12 classes 2A,2B,3,8,9,10, 1B,Reception are in school* Stay safe!*


Ukrainian language!!! What is she like?
In our school we tried to feel and reproduce the beauty, wealth and grace of our language through the Tale !!! I hope all the students and staff will agree that our Writing and Ukrainian Day 2019 has been a success.
Everyone was pleased!
And the case was so ....
Exactly at 10:15 we had a trouble - the senior Major of the Forest Police, Pigs, and General Lion were approached by Mama Goat, who lost 6 goats. Woe ... such a woe ... even the alarm did not help ... just 5 minutes on the milk went away.
Here we are looking for a criminal throughout the school ...
Don't believe it - it was not a wolf at all ...

And children created their fairy-tale characters, wrote their fairy tales and designed them in the form of comics. The main thing is that team spirit, friendship and creativity prevailed everywhere.

This year, the fall at our school is particularly warm and colorful and still very creative.
We replace the lack of sunshine with smiles and joyous emotions.
A few years ago, we launched the Fall Colors Contest, which over the years has simply grown into a mega-festival of creative ideas, beauty, skillful hands and the unique beauty of nature around us !!!
I share with you a part of happiness and pride for our children!

Kozatski zabavy at the Ukrainian School of the Blessed Virgin Mary in London 2019 was especially cool!
Feedback from Ms. Lyuba:
Dear Olga and Irynka!
Thank you very much for organizing and hosting the Kozatski zabavy)
Such activities unite children, learn to work together, make every effort to achieve a common goal. And of course they give joy and emotional exaltation!
We were all interested and fun at Kozatski zabavy)
Thank you! 💕
I think the photo will only confirm this.