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Meet our passionate team at St. Mary’s Ukrainian School

It’s the people who make our school special. Our teachers are a great team who are united by a common passion for preserving Ukrainian language and culture and nurturing young Ukrainians in London. We are approachable and open to all; parents are always welcome to come and have a chat with our teachers at the end of a school day.

Position: School Head Teacher
Background: : I hold Masters’ degree & Bachelors Honours degree in Linguistics from Chernivtsi National University. I started my career in Ukraine with 6 years’ experience teaching as an Associate Professor at Chernivtsi National University College of Foreign Languages. I have NPQSL (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership) status gained in the UK and 15 years of teaching experience combined through practice in Ukraine and in the UK.
What drives me: I joined the team at St. Mary’s Ukrainian School in 2014 as Head of School but also as a parent of my own two bilingual children studying here. It is important for me to see children enjoying their time at school and I am passionate to ensure St Mary’s continues to be a positive, vibrant and nurturing environment – I believe that a happy school is a successful school. Teaching is a deeply-rooted calling within my family spanning across three generations - it helps me balance the old and new educational methods and adapt strategies to the specific needs of our bilingual children living outside the natural language environment. I am incredibly proud of my Teaching Team and empower them to develop their individual pedagogical talents and experiment with new methods to drive our school forward.
Position: Deputy Head Teacher. Year 8, 9 and 10 teacher of Geography and History of Ukraine.
Background: in Ukraine, I qualified as a teacher of Geography and Biology. I am currently working as a Teaching Assistant in one of the UK schools and have been teaching at St. Mary’s Ukrainian School for the last 5 years.
What drives me: having worked across different sectors, I gained a variety of skills like being a team-player, ability to always make room for fun and creativity, showing patience and willingness to find a compromise in any situation – all of which help me create exciting and meaningful lessons
Position: Year 1 class teacher, Deputy Head Teacher
Background: I am a qualified primary school teacher educated at Ternopil Pedagogical University, with 10 years teaching experience in Ukraine. In the UK, I have 8 years experience as a Teaching Assistant at a primary school and have been teaching at St. Mary’s school for 14 years.
What drives me: I love working with young people, watching them grow their confidence while they are learning about Ukrainian culture and language. I encourage them to take part in my lessons with praise and nurture their love of learning whatever their capabilities. I enjoy helping them learn poetry and songs for special events that St Mary’s school organizes for parents and wider community.
Position: Year 6 class teacher
Background: over 45 years of teaching experience. Graduated from Ternopil Pedagogical University as Primary school Teacher and Teacher/Methodist of Ukrainian Language and Literature
What drives me: I have been involved in the life of St. Mary’s Ukrainian School for the last 17 years – I started my work here as Head Teacher for 10 years and then created an editorial group that includes Stefa Oleskiv, Olga Volosova and Olena Piven’ to put together and publish specialised school books on Ukrainian Literature for Years 5 and 6. The group continues to work on the next publication for year 7. I am really passionate about dedicating my time to the development of the right tools for teaching children in the UK as they require certain degree of English references and visual guides to aid their full comprehension. Currently we’re working on establishing workbooks focused on the Ukrainian speaking skills development – editorial group is now also joined by Oksana Korinetska
Position: Year 2 Teacher
Background: graduated from Glychiv State Pedagogical institute in Ukraine and have over 24 years of teaching experience in primary school in Ukraine as a Senior Teacher.
What drives me: I am passionate about nurturing the love to the Ukrainian culture and language amongst the young community of Ukrainians in the UK.
Position: Teacher
Background: educated to university level, I have 23 years of pedagogical experience in Ukraine and have been working at St. Mary’s Ukrainian School for 7 years.
What drives me: teaching is my personal calling, I love working with children. I love Ukraine and want to preserve Ukrainian language. I’d like for Ukrainians whose fate brought them all over the world to cherish and preserve our language, traditions and culture – to achieve that we need to start with children and nurture their interest and love to Ukraine.
Position: Year 3 Teacher
Background: graduated as a Primary School teacher in 1996 from Prukarpatsky University (Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine) and have worked as a primary school teacher in Ukraine for 9 years. Have been teaching at St. Mary’s Ukrainian School for 10 years.
What drives me: I love children and enjoy teaching them all aspects of the Ukrainian culture. I like making my lessons interactive and filled with fun – what makes me really happy is seeing children in my class with smiley faces and eyes filled with excitement.
Position: Primary school teacher (reception to year 4)
Background: graduated from Uman’ State Pedagogical University as Primary School teacher. I’ve been working at St. Mary’s Ukrainian School for over 4 years and leverage my knowledge of educational system in Ukraine and Germany within my work here.
What drives me: I like to experiment and use new teaching methods that suit the children at school – new ways of learning the language and Ukrainian culture both past and present. I love using interactive methods to keep modern children motivated. I developed interactive curriculum and all resources needed for teaching Ukrainian language and Reading/Comprehension skills in Year 1 and Year 2, where I considered the needs of the children in our school as most of them learn Ukrainian as second language.
Position: Primary school teacher (reception to year 4)
Background: I hold a degree from Ternopil Pedagogical University as a Primary School teacher. I have worked in Ukraine as Primary School teacher for over 25 years and continue to work in the UK as Primary School teacher for the last 4 years.
What drives me: my passion for teaching and Ukrainian culture drives my work at St. Mary’s where I have been teaching for over 4 years. I try to use praise and encourage maximum positivity in my lessons.
Position: Year 5 Teacher
Background: graduated from Kiev National Linguistic University in 2010 specializing in Philology. Have extensive experience of working in Ukrainian and English schools
What drives me: I’m a Kiev-born optimist who is passionate about teaching Ukrainian language, literature, traditions and culture. My main focus is to develop good comprehension skills of my students so that they are confident in speaking, reading and writing in Ukrainian. In addition, I teach them how to be better people and patriots, never forget their roots, where they come from and how to be proud Ukrainians.
Position: Year 8 Teacher, Ukrainian language and literature
Background: I hold Masters’ degree (MA) in English Philology from Lesya Ukrajinka Volyn’ State University in Lutsk, Ukraine. I have 18 years experience as an Academic Teacher of English as a Foreign Language at Warmia and Mazury University and at the University of Computer Science and Economics in Olsztyn, Poland. In the UK, I’m currently working as EAL Learning Support Assistant 1:1 at Colville Primary School in London.
What drives me: I find it incredibly rewarding to teach children something useful for them, to get them interested, to support them when they encounter difficulties, to encourage them when they are not inspired. It gives me great pleasure to teach my native language that is closest to my heart. Children are so fascinating, curious and frank that I often learn from them myself, like in a fairy tale about the Naked King, where only the child noticed what was really going on.
Position: Teacher of Ukrainian History in year 7 and 8
Background: originally from Lviv, I graduated from Ivan Franko University with qualification in geography and gained teaching experience during university practice.
What drives me: I teach at St. Mary’s Ukrainian School to help young people build the image and understanding of Ukraine, its culture, history and traditions. Each child requires a special treatment and special ways to trigger their interest. That is why I not only tell them about historical events but also use a lot of visual aids and documentaries during my lessons to bring history to life for them.
Position: Teacher of Ukrainian as a Second Language - Junior Group
Background: originally from Lviv where I graduated from Ivan Franko University as a Teacher and English language interpreter. In addition, I have a musical education and worked as a teacher of music in Ukraine.
What drives me: my own daughter attends the School and I know very well that it is not easy for young Ukrainians abroad to learn and support Ukrainian culture and traditions. However I believe that wherever we are today, we should know where we came from, our roots and our history. That is why I work at St. Mary’s Ukrainian school to contribute to raising the new generation of Ukrainians we can be proud of
Position: Teacher of Drama, Music and Dance
Background: graduated from Kalush College of Arts and Culture as Stage Director and Show Organiser and Actor. I’ve been involved with St. Mary’s Ukrainian school for the last 4 years and have been supporting school performances for the last 2 years in my classes.
What drives me: what is important to me is supporting children in expressing themselves creatively through performances, building their confidence and knowledge of Ukrainian traditions and culture so that when they visit Ukraine, they can speak Ukrainian proudly and know about their roots.
Position: Teacher of Music, leading school orchestra, choir and choreographer
Background: educated to university degree in Ukraine. In the UK, have over 15 years of work experience with children tutoring violin and piano.
What drives me: : I have been teaching at St. Mary’s Ukrainian School for over 7 years as I enjoy sharing my passion for Ukrainian song and dance culture. It’s my great pleasure to give opportunity for school children to learn more about Ukrainian traditions, try different instruments out and develop their musical creativity. The school gives them a unique opportunity to build their confidence performing on stage.
Position: Teacher of the Ukrainian as a second language - Senior group
Background: I’ve completed my GCSEs and A levels in the UK and am currently studying law at the university. I tutor students who prepare for their GSCE English exams and volunteer at the university.
What drives me: although I enjoy the challenges of working in the area of law, through my work at St. Mary’s Ukrainian School I have also discovered my passion for working with children. I really enjoy teaching and am keen to develop my students’ knowledge of Ukraine through inspiring and interactive methods.
Position: School Administrator/Treasurer
Background: holding degree from Lviv Agricultural University with speciality in foreign economic relationships. In the UK, I have Accredited Accountant qualification with 7 years of working experience as management accountant.
What drives me: I have been working at St. Mary’s for the last 4 years as I am passionate about contributing to the development of the Ukrainian community here in London.